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ili2fme - INTERLIS-plugin for FME


  • reads INTERLIS 2 transfer files (2.2+2.3)
  • writes INTERLIS 2 transfer files (2.2+2.3)
  • reads INTERLIS 1 transfer files
  • writes INTERLIS 1 transfer files

Use cases

One user reported, that ili2fme successfully converted 1 GB INTERLIS 1 data into 4.5 GB INTERLIS 2 data.


ili2fme is in stable state.


ili2fme is licensed under the LGPL (Lesser GNU Public License).

System Requirements

For the current version of ili2fme, you will need a JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed on your system, version 1.6.0 or later. The JRE (Java Runtime Environment) can be downloaded for free from the Website http://www.java.com/ .

ili2fme was tested with FME Version 2011 (Build 6529, win32).

Installing ili2fme

by using the MSI file
just double-click the msi file (This will install ili2fme into your current FME software folder)
by using the ZIP file
To install ili2fme, choose a directory and extract the distribution file there. Copy the files and subdirectories of "${ili2fme}/FME Suite" to your FME directory.

To use ili2fme with the FME Universal Viewer, FME requires you to set an environment variable: FME_VIEWER_THREADING=SINGLE.

You may add your commonly used private Interlis models to the directory "${FME}/plugins/interlis2/ilimodels".

Running ili2fme

ili2fme is called by FME, if you select "Swiss INTERLIS (ili2fme)" as file format.

INTERLIS 2 is read/written if you select xtf or xml as file extension. INTERLIS 1 is read/written if you select itf as file extension (but you have to select "Swiss INTERLIS (ili2fme)" in FME). You should read .ili files (INTERLIS 1 or 2) to import feature types into the workbench.


  • custom line forms
  • XTF line attributes


ili2fme is free.


Get a support/maintenance contract (contact info@eisenhutinformatik.ch).




Kleines Beispiel INTERLIS 1 nach 2

Kleines Beispiel INTERLIS nach shp

Kleines Beispiel shp nach INTERLIS

Example Workbenches

CHBaseEx1 to Shape



ili2fme-7.0.7.msi 3.2 MB (zip)

Archived versions can be found here.

For software developers


Latest changes

  • switch msi to x64
  • ili2c-5.0.8
  • iox-ili-1.20.18

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