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ili2ora - INTERLIS 2-loader for oracle


  • Translates INTERLIS 2 data model definitions to an oracle schema.
  • Loads INTERLIS 2 data into an oracle database.
  • Extracts INTERLIS 2 data from an oracle database.


ili2ora is in final state.


ili2ora is licensed under the LGPL (Lesser GNU Public License).

System Requirements

For the current version of ili2ora, you will need a JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed on your system, version 1.4.1 or later. The JRE (Java Runtime Environment) can be downloaded for free from the Website http://www.java.com/ .

ili2ora was tested with Oracle 9.

Installing ili2ora

To install ili2ora, choose a directory and extract the distribution file there.

Running ili2ora

ili2ora can be started with

java -jar ili2ora.jar [options] file.xtf


ili2ora-1.4.1.zip 4.2 MB

ili2ora-1.4.0.zip 3.8 MB

ili2ora-1.3.3.zip 3.8 MB

ili2ora-1.3.2.zip 3.8 MB

ili2ora-1.3.1.zip 3.8 MB

ili2ora-1.3.0.zip 3.8 MB

ili2ora-1.1.1.zip 3.8 MB

ili2ora-1.1.0.zip 3.8 MB

ili2ora-1.0.0.zip 3.8 MB

ili2ora-0.3.0.zip 3.8 MB

ili2ora-0.2.0.zip 4.1 MB

ili2ora-0.1.0.zip 3 MB

For software developers

ili2ora-1.4.1.src.zip 4.2 MB

ili2ora-1.4.0.src.zip 3.8 MB

ili2ora-1.3.3.src.zip 3.8 MB

ili2ora-1.1.1.src.zip 3.8 MB

ili2ora-1.1.0.src.zip 3.8 MB

ili2ora-1.0.0.src.zip 3.8 MB

ili2ora-0.3.0.src.zip 3.8 MB

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