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iox-api - specification of a streaming API to objects


  • specifies a streaming API to objects
  • leverages the processing from XML-elements to objects
  • not limited to XML representations of objects
  • pull interface
  • symmetric reader/writer interface
  • pure specification
  • not limited/bound to a specific domain
  • no random access to objects
  • no query language
  • no dependency to a schema model or implementation, just (type) names
  • not limited to types/objects defined by XML-Schema
  • doesn't define binding metadata

How to use it?

See interface IoxReader and interface IoxWriter.

Or read the tutorial (available only in german).


iox-api is licensed under the MIT/X License.


Development. Send feedback to ce@eisenhutinformatik.ch

System Requirements

In order to use iox-api, a JAVA software development kit (JDK) version 1.6.0 or a more recent version must be installed on your system. A free version of the JAVA software development kit (JDK) is available at the website http://java.sun.com/j2se/ .




iox-api-1.0.2.zip Binary including javadocs.

iox-api-1.0.2.src.zip Source.

Archived versions can be found here.

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